Thursday, 3 January 2008

Christmas Holidays With The Kids

Well, we survived another Christmas and New Year! Fairly quiet one compared to some but entertaining none the less. I caught Georgia sneaking around at 11.30pm - looking for Santa and her stocking (which, of course, Santa had filled and moved because Santa was in desperate need of sleep). Stu had the duty phone Christmas Eve and had to return it Christmas morning which meant no pressies could be opened until he got home - all adds to the anticipation though, and they enjoyed their pressies once they were allowed to open them - all over in about 30 minutes however the lounge looked like a bomb had hit it!

It has been mainly grey and rainy since Christmas which is not great with 2 active children going stir crazy for the holidays. Just before Christmas we did get to venture over to Crocodyllus Park (see the photos). Tiff couldn't come as she was out earning an income. Since Christmas the kids have been to the movies, 10 pin bowling and to The Planet (indoor playground). These activities were undertaken so I could get some semblance of work done while they were out of the house. Tiff is presently enjoying 15 days sibling free down South.

Anyway, to all who drop by, I hope your Christmas was lovely and your New Year is full of promise.