Monday, 14 April 2008

The Dry Arrives

I do so love the first few weeks of the dry season in Darwin! There is still a bit of humidity in the air, the evenings are cool and the mornings almost border on cold - cold being around 18degrees. The skys are a beautiful clear blue colour and the gardens are still green from the wet. Best of all are the dragonflys that appear out of nowhere. Yesterday this beautiful creature landed on our balcony and let me photograph him.

The family are well. Georgia and Oscar returned to school after a week mid-semester break. Tiffanie has started a weeks work experience with one of the local hairdressers. Stuart is a happy chappy as he will be returning home at some ungodly hour Friday night.

I've always stated that I work better under pressure and it has really come to the fore in the past month. Between volunteer work with Georgia and Oscar's school, school council committments, community house committments, candle party committments and also work and family stuff, my schedule has been full! In my spare time, I am working on completing 3 photo albums, cleaning out the store room and sorting through the kids clothes ready for the Salvo's - they've all had growth spurts of late. At some stage I would love to get out to Chrissy's place for a ride - I haven't been on a horse now for about 6 years. Maybe I can fit that in after Anzac Day.