Thursday, 22 November 2007

Busy Couple of Weeks

Well, try as I might, there was no way I was going to be able to post last week! It has been a busy couple of weeks for me.

Mum arrived to visit a couple of weeks ago. She tries to come up once or twice a year and this years visit co-incided with with my trip back to Cairns for work. Mum took over as chief baby sitter for the 5 days I was away, this took the stress off Stu as his crew were meeting to join their new boat last week.

I had a great time in Cairns. It was great to back at work in the office - it is so much easier to not to be working from home, and a lot more productive to boot. Long days, 7am to 5pm, but not difficult when you love the job. My afternoons and evenings were filled with catching up with good friends. Shann, Kim, Maree, Colleen and Jane (otherwise known to my friends and family as the Desperate Housewives group) were all there to welcome back, temporarily, to the fold. My gorgeous friend, Kim, told me her latest news ..... she's pregnant! Not bad for someone who had given up trying last year so they could buy a 4WD! Kim (and Grant, her husband) already have 3 very active boys, Zac, Jai and Braith. Kim turned 38 in October and, with all three of the boys now in school, was able to return to part-time work as a nurse. Now she is suffering from that horrendous morning sickness - wish I could be there to help her out. Hopefully, she will end up with a little girl - just to lower the testosterone in that household!

I arrived home late last Thursday night - tired from the long days but very relaxed. We had a busy weekend with candle parties and Christmas shopping. Monday, Oscar came down with a really bad ear infection. This one has really knocked him around - he slept for most of Tuesday and Wednesday, very unlike him. Hoping to get him back to school tomorrow so I can get back to work.

Will work on trying to post some updated photos on the weekend. Wish me luck!


Rudy's Blog said...

Hi April,

Well I finally got to check out your post. I too have been very busy and will probably not be spending as much time blogging in future because Helen and I are committed to fixing up the house so that we can leave in 2 ~ 3 years. We think that we have found the perfect place in Healesville in the Yarra Valley, Victoria.

Love you lots


Pandora said...

Thanks for writing this.