Sunday, 4 November 2007

In Reply

Thank you my dear dad for setting this blog up for me. I have decided not to delete the first post you did on my behalf - just as a reminder to me of the promise I made!

For everyone else, welcome to my 'real' first posting! Not sure that I will be able to update each week as family and work committments dictate these days.

We - Stuart, me, Tiffanie, Georgia and Oscar returned to Darwin 6 weeks ago. For me, it feels like coming home although I sorely miss the good friends I made in the 5 years we lived in Cairns, it is great to catch up with my longtime friends from here. And I truly love the Darwin weather, lifestyle and living back in married quarters.


Rudy's Blog said...

Hi Darling,

Well done. I guess that you made it through the password stage. Once you get to try out the different options available on blogger you'll love it.

Maybe I'll finally get to see a picture of Toby and his wife....LOL


Dad xoxoxoxoxo

e.j.kicken said...

Hello April,
Well done with your blog, guess what...your father (Rudy) has help me too, and I am deeply grateful for his help...
All the best to you and your family.

Aunty Ellen, lots of love..

The Causeway said...

Hi April,
Rudy helped me with my blog too!
Welcome to Blogspot. Beautiful photo of your family. Mine are too shy to go on my page BUT they have their own? LOL
Hugs, rainbows and butterflies to you

e.j.kicken said...

Hello April,

Your Dad not only helped you with your Blog, he also helped me.
I have over Blogged ha ha ha
Maybe you will do the same.
It is so nice to see your photos and read your Blog.
Keeping in touch with family and

Happy New Year...

lots of love, Ellen

e.j.kicken said...

I just realized I have repeated
myself...ha ha ha

Love, Aunty Ellen

April said...

Hi Aunty Ells,thanks for your comments. Have a great new year, love april

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